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Valpastin Ltd is a Finnish company specialized in sustainable transport. Our strength is strong experience in traffic management and in civil engineering. We want to help our clients to improve their traffic systems by counselling, design and planning. We also import and manufacture products to improve cycling environment, traffic safety and public transport. Our customers are municipalities, shopping centers, apartment blocks and other facility management companies.


Consulting and planning

Sustainable transport solutions, public transportation, cycling and walking will improve the efficiency of the whole transport system. These factors will improve the quality of environment in a short period of the time. To increase walking and cycling is the international and as well national goal. The World Health Organization (WHO) has named the immobility one of the greatest health issues in the Western countries. In Western countries, only about a third of the working-age population moves enough for their health demands. By using the promotion program for walking and cycling, the organization can determine how to benefit from increasing walking and cycling.
We offer practical grasp and overall vision to implement public transportation, walking and cycling. Our knowledge is based on long-term experience in traffic planning.

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Bicycle parks

High quality bicycle parks are made of good planning, correct products and well-thought implementation. The space requirement and placement of bicycle stands should be taken account already in design. The products of bicycle parks should be functional, beautiful and long lasting. The implementation of the products should be professional and done properly. Maintenance responsibilities and technical implementation should be taken account in designing as well as in product selection and installation.

• Bicycle parking plan for a city centre street, the City of Jyväskylä 2011
• Design and installation of bicycle parking for apartment blockhouse, Helsinki
• Design of bicycle parking facilities for shopping centre, Vantaa
• Cycle racks for apartment block Helsinki
• Cycle racks for and installing sport centre Helsinki