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Bicycle parking service

A good quality bicycle parking place promotes cycling and keeps the environment tidy.

We offer bicycle parking services to housing cooperatives, shopping centres and other premises. We plan, deliver and install quality bike racks.


When planning bicycle parking one must take into account maintenance, other users of the surroundings and the cyclists themselves. Maintenance must be possible both in the winter and the summer. The surroundings must be accessible. Cyclists value facility, shelter from rain and safety. Good planning leads to bicycle parking that works for everyone.


Bicycle racks and shelters must be smart and durable. Finnish winter conditions and vandalism create challenges. Valpastin offers stylish bike racks for many needs. Check out our products here.


Bike racks should be installed so that they are easy to use. There must be enough space for both the bike and the cyclist. The racks are installed according to the type of rack and location. In public spaces we recommend fixed installation for the racks.

We offer our stylish bicycle racks also for temporary use, e.g. for the summer or for an event.