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To increase walking and cycling is an international and a national goal. The World Health Organization (WHO) has named immobility as one of the greatest health threats in the Western countries. In the Western countries, only about one third of the working-age population have enough exercise to keep them healthy.

Municipalities have an important role in promoting sustainable mobility and in creating improved transport. The promotion programmes for walking and cycling help municipalities to increase the proportion of these travel modes and to achieve the benefits resulting from this change. We have made promotion programmes for walking and cycling and taken part in their implementation e.g. in the municipalities of Kangasala, Kokkola, Seinäjoki and Sipoo.


  • Sipoo – promotion programme for walking and cycling, the Municipality of Sipoo, Finnish Transport Agency (co-financing), 2016.
  • Hyvinkään kokeilupyörä, City of Hyvinkää, 2016. Results of the project can also be found in the project’s blog Liikkuva Hyvinkää.
  • Removing the barriers to cycling with electric and cargo bikes, Walking and cycling R&D project, financed by the KKI project, The Finnish Transport Agency and the City of Kokkola, 2015-
  • Organizing of The most cycling-friendly workplace in Kokkola competition, City of Kokkola, The Finnish Transport Agency, 2015-
  • The right to use your own feet, Promotion programme for walking and cycling for Kangasala, implementation, the Municipality of Kangasala, The Finnish Transport Agency, 2014
  • Cycling and walking to school in Kokkola, the City of Kokkola, Finnish Transport Agency (co-financing), 2014
  • Development of Hyvinkää-bicycles, 2014
  • Updating the project plan of Helsinki city bikes, HKL- Helsinki Region Transport, The City of Helsinki, 2014
  • Short distance journeys in small and middle size cities, the City of Kokkola, Ministry of the Environment (co-financing), 2013
  • The cycling city programme of the City of Kokkola, the City of Kokkola, Finnish Transport Agency (co-financing), 2013
  • Preliminary report of city bikes of the City of Hyvinkää, the City of Hyvinkää, Finnish Transport Agency (co-financing), 2013
  • The co-ordination task of The Cycling centre of Helsinki, City Planning department, the City of Helsinki, 2013
  • Controlling the disadvantages of construction sites – An operating model for Järvenpää, the City of Järvenpää, 2012
  • The strategy of the cycling city programme of the City of Seinäjoki, the City of Seinäjoki, 2012
  • Bicycle parking plan, City of Jyväskylä, 2011
  • A report about the expenses and the number of users of public transportation in Kerava – A summary for internal interaction, the City of Kerava 2011
  • Quality grading for the maintenance of slow traffic routes of the City of Järvenpää, the City of Järvenpää 2011