Sustainable mobility
Improved transport

Services for workplaces

marika_ja_matkakorttiEmployers can have a big influence on the mode of transport their employees decide to use for commuting. Increasing the proportion of walking, cycling and public transport benefits workplaces in several ways:

  • a happy and healthy staff
  • smaller need of parking space
  • savings in parking and health expenses
  • concrete example of corporate social responsibility

Employers can promote sustainable mobility for example by offering functional showers and locker rooms, safe bicycle parking and subsidized commuter tickets. Employers can also increase the amount of remote work, make changes in parking policies and organize lessons for economic driving.

Valpastin Ltd helps its customers to attain the benefits of sustainable transport. We find out the present state of commuting and make a mobility plan, which makes smart travel modes more appealing to the staff.

Healthy mobility is a tested way of changing commuting culture.