Sustainable mobility
Improved transport

Healthy Mobility

The Healthy Mobility procedure is a service for employers that gives a finlayson_mirellamellonmaagood start to promoting sustainable mobility at the workplace. During the process we find out the present state of commuting, find the potential for change and define the actions needed for change.

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“This agile procedure made us think about things together with different actors for the first time.”
Eeva Aarnio, Director of Personnel, Central Finland Healthcare District


Commuting Survey

liikkujatyyppijakauma-2The work begins with a survey of the present state. The personnel are asked how they currently commute, whether they have alternative options and how their employer could promote the use of other modes of transport instead of private cars. The survey can be made for example with the Commuting Calculator of Helsinki Regional Transport HSL.


The results of the survey are analyzed in workshops together with selected key people from the organization and a mobility plan is drawn in order to promote smart mobility at the workplace.  The mobility plan includes the chosen actions, the people responsible for the actions and the agreed timetable.

Trial periods

Trial periods are a great way of promoting smart mobility. The participants test a new transport mode on their way to work for a couple of weeks and share their experiences at the workplace and through social media. A new experience is offered as an incentive: e.g. an electric bicycle to borrow, fitting of studded bike tires or tickets for public transport.
We have received very encouraging results from several workplaces.niko-ja-taittis_uutiskirje

I am feeling unusually energetic at work.
Niko Lönnberg, bicycle tester from Innofactor.

Communicate and interact

Keep your staff posted about the project. The communication begins at once, already the initial survey is a part of the communication. An open event for the whole staff (for example in the lobby during lunch hour) is one way to share information. In the event you can tell about the results of the survey and to give tips for smart mobility and find suitable people for the trial periods.

”One bumps into friends on the train!”
Johanna Mäki, public transport tester from SOK.