Sustainable mobility
Improved transport


Valpastin Ltd is a Finnish company specialized in products and services which promote sustainable transport. We have extensive experience in the area of traffic engineering. Our customers are cities and municipalities, employers, properties like shopping centres and business premises as well as individual housing cooperatives. Everyone wanting to enjoy the benefits of sustainable mobility.


How we work

Valpastin Ltd’s values are sustainability, companionship, healthiness and joy of doing. We want to practice what we preach: we have received an ‘Employer that makes you move’ certificate. Our business is based on responsibility and therefore we are a part of the Reliable Partner programme.


‘Employer that makes you move’ certificate



Mari Päätalo, toimitusjohtaja

Mari Päätalo is a builder of the environment. She has over ten years of experience in solutions for traffic safety, walking, cycling and public transport.

Tel. 040 720 2872





Sally Londesborough, projektipäällikkö

Sally Londesborough is an environmental expert who has many-sided experience in making the everyday life of people and companies more sustainable.

Tel. 050 533 3643




Erika Weckström, bike mechanic

Erika Weckström is a handy social scientist who takes care of Valpastin Ltd’s bikes and other hardware.

Tel. 044 215 7214